Echo Valley Apartments

Echo Valley Community Solar Fairstead

West WarwickRI


  • State Rhode Island
  • Utility type Investor-owned utility (IOU)
  • Regulatory Structure Regulated
  • Community Solar Bill Credit Value Retail Rate
  • Community Solar Enabling Legislation Yes
  • Value of State Level RECs & Subsidies Moderate = 10% to 25% of value stack
  • Eligible for Tax Benefits Yes
  • Installation type Roof
  • Year energized 2020
  • Project capacity 320 KW AC
  • LMI Share of Capacity 100%
  • LMI Requirement Income eligible only
  • Energy Rate Average $0.22
  • LMI Customer Savings 12%
  • Minimum LMI Savings Mandated No
  • Potential # LMI Subscribers 100

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Related Best Practices

  • No-cost Site Lease

    In some instances, project developers can negotiate a no-cost site lease. This is common when state or local governments or institutions sponsor a community solar program. These entities may have rooftop space or vacant parcels suitable for solar installation. While no-cost land leases do not lower upfront investment costs, they can lower ongoing operating costs.

  • State Incentives

    Many states offer incentives for solar and other renewables, including rebates, grants, tax credits, RECs, or other incentives. These incentives are typically based on the projected system capacity or energy production from qualified renewable generation systems. In some markets they take the form of rebates or a lump sum value for qualified system types. There are several resources available that catalog these incentives by state and by type. These are a good place to start. Otherwise, contact your state’s Energy Office or Dept. of Economic Opportunity to learn more about what is available for your project.

    DSIRE: https://www.dsireusa.org/ 

    EnergySage: Solar rebates and incentives
    NC Clean Energy Technology Center: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency