Advancing Equity

Basics of LMI Community Solar

  • A basic rundown of what community solar is, how to develop it with LMI customer inclusion and access in mind, and the broader solar market.

  • A webpage that reviews the basics of community solar, defines terms, and offers a starting point for those looking to learn more about community solar.

  • An overview of community solar and how growing the community solar market can benefit under-resourced communities.

  • Home page of the National Community Solar Partnership (NCSP) providing an overview of community solar, and how the Justice40 Initiative complements the industry. Links to learn more about the NCSP and to identify technical assistance opportunities.

  • An overview of community solar resources from Solar United Neighbors including a three-part introductory webinar.

Community and Consumer Resources

Design and Financing Models

National Level Datasets

Policy and Market Transformation

  • A study that looks at the expansive growth of community solar in New York, California, and Massachusetts, and the operation of Community Clean Energy authorities in these states. It relays the structures and solutions of developments in these states to provide equitable energy to the local communities.

  • A report that summarizes outcomes from the NCSP State Best Practices working group by indentifying key differences in state policies that enable community solar and illustrating how various policy design approaches may impact the market.

  • An overview of successful policies that priortize LMI inclusion in community solar projects, and sample bill language for policymakers to support community solar development.

  • A paper that emphasizes the importance and benefits of community shared solar and where regulations around the U.S. fail to support these projects. The research involved contacting legislators, environmental groups, professionals in the solar industry, and other government entities to learn how energy policy could be improved.

  • A Request for Proposals (RFP) template for local governments seeking to develop solar energy resources on their facilities (buildings and land) through utility-interactive PV systems.

  • In this accessible guide, Moore provides an overview of the current energy landscape, including the federal, state, and local policies that will shape each community’s unique approach. Next, she describes five pathways to clean power in rural America and strategies for achieving them, including energy efficiency, renewable power, resilience (including microgrids and battery storage), the electrification of transportation, and finally, broadband internet. Throughout this journey, Moore shares stories of challenges and successes and encourages readers to design programs that address inequality.

  • A study that finds there is a substantial information problem faced by Distributed Energy Resources (DER) owners and developers that creates barriers for DER roll-out. It addresses survey design, relevant information, and policy best suited for smooth DER roll-out.