FPL Sabal Palm Solar Energy Center, Palm Beach County

SolarTogether - SunAssist Florida Power & Light Company



  • State Florida
  • Utility type Investor-owned utility (IOU)
  • Regulatory Structure Regulated
  • Community Solar Bill Credit Value Supply-only/Avoided Cost
  • Community Solar Enabling Legislation No
  • Value of State Level RECs & Subsidies Low = less than 10% of value stack
  • Eligible for Tax Benefits Yes
  • Installation type Ground
  • Year energized 2021
  • Project capacity 74,500 KW AC
  • LMI Share of Capacity 3%
  • LMI Requirement Income eligible only
  • Energy Rate Average $0.11
  • LMI Customer Savings 13%
  • Minimum LMI Savings Mandated No
  • Potential # LMI Subscribers 745

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